I am Umme Tashrifa Islam Kotha. I am 24 years. I am very sensitive girl sometimes, but I am peaceful. I studied in University. My university name is University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh, and my department of Media studies and Journalism. My hobby is photography,traveling, ridding a bicycle, a reading a many historical books. And Journalism is my favorite subject and its my dreams i have a good journalist.

The memories of Childhood have their own kind of nostalgia. When I recollect the days of my childhood, I feel very delighted over the pleasant period which I spent in my spirits. In this picture, in my childhood when i was studying a Rajbari Govt. Girl’s High School Rajbari. I miss the good old days in my school which had flown so quickly.This picture mention going a study tour, its time to 2007. My school Headmaster decided in a study tour in three location of Mir Mosarof Hossian Memorial, lalonsha Majer and another place is Robindornath Kutibari podomdi in kustia district. we hear the news a very excited about this. Then we plane the study tour what are we doing. Then the days come we started a journey by bus my four friends are together in the sit the bus is in front of school early in the morning.The Teachers and other students, classmates are coming and finally we going to the location. The bus is stared its time 09:oo p.m.Then we are very lots of fun,some games, song etc. Then we enjoyed some moments of story-telling. we left the place at 6:30 p.m. It was a nice and pleasant outing.




This picture is-When I was a kid, I was really sensitive. Maybe, one year its time was ibakale,it was very usual for me to catch a bad cold in every season.My mother lets me sit in the red kettle and some toys when I was very afraid to let go of the crying.


Another Memorable moments in this picture. The prize day at my school. This picture is my honorable respect teacher and some of my best friends in this events. He is a very good teacher. And this is my memorable event also.









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